Combat narrative (tool)

Many people find it difficult to narrate a combat consistently. I am one of those people.

I often start out well, but after a few rounds I get caught up in the technical part of the combat. Also, in how many ways can I describe my attack with the same weapon, round after round?

For this reason I created these random tables. I have used this tool extensively as a player and as a dungeon master; my Excel version of it, at least. With putting this tool online I have also improved the output for you all.

Let’s get cracking!

Every time the page reloads a new combination is loaded. Or use the Refresh button below!

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On a hit

You hit the target’s left elbow and after looking at you intently, they break into howling laughter!

On a miss

With some quick movements the target parries the attack, making a sudden counterattack which barely misses you.

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